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:: Cooperative Promotion Department ::
  :: Cooperative Promotion Department is the lead agency developing cooperative system into main part of country development towards peaceful society. ::

      Mr.Vinai Kasirax, Deputy Director General of Cooperative Promotion Department, presided over the opening ceremony of the training course on Planning and Marketing for agricultural cooperatives on 17 May 2010 at
Bureau of Cooperative Technology Transfer and Development Office.
The said training course is conducted under the “ Project for Strengthening
of Partnership Among Japan and ASEAN countries (ASEAN-Japan Partnership Project)” funded by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
of Japan.
       The main objective of the course was aimed to improve the capability of
the participants from ASEAN countries in making proper plan and strategies
for marketing business of agricultural cooperatives and other type of farmer institutions. The participating countries were comprised with Vietnam,
Laos PDR, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines and Thailand.

       Mr.Vinai Kasirax, Deputy Director General of Cooperative Promotion Department, presented souvenirs to all participants on opening ceremony day.

       Participants enjoyed observing the rice milling process and learning about business operations management of Klong Luang Agricultural Cooperative, Ltd. in Pathumthani.

       Shows a group photo of the participants at Panat Nikom Women Group in Chantaburi, where women has joined hand together to produce numerous designs and varieties of bamboo handicraft products.

        Participants paid their attention to the presentation of cooperative ‘s business operations management by board of Directors of  Makam Agricultural Cooperative, Ltd. in Chantaburi, 

         Educating  Home Stay business and testing fruits in the fruit garden as
part of their visit to Kao Bai Sri Agro-tourism Enterprise Community in Chantaburi.

Visiting at Ban Khao Sok Rubber Fund Cooperative, Ltd in Chantaburi
has indeed broaden participants’ conceptual understanding of the rubber business activities and its achievement in business management.

        At Kho Bai Sri Farmers’ Wives Group in Chantaburi, participants learned how to make durian ships and other kind of durian processed products as well as its strategies for successful business administration management.

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